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The best joints in Nairobi to treat yourself or your loved ones

Malindi Travel Guide: 5 Spectacular Activities You Will Enjoy

Malindi is on the North Coast of Kenya. It boasts centuries of history and is a hot spot for old Italians. I visited the town last month and I really enjoyed my stay. Most local tourists, Kenyans like myself, rarely go to Malindi. However, there’s a dual carriage road being constructed from Mombasa to Malindi that will make transport between the two towns easier and perhaps change this. Besides the white sandy beaches, Malindi has to offer, there are some attractions you may enjoy visiting. Here’s what to do in Malindi; Vasco Da Gama Pillar This is just a Pillar but its location is superb and the history behind is even more fascinating. Vasco Da Gama landed in Malindi in 1498 while on an expedition to discover the trading sea route along the Indian Ocean. Previously, he erected the pillar near Sheikh’s Palace in Malindi Town but its Christian connotation did not please the Muslims and it was soon taken down. In the 16th century, he erected the pillar at its current location. I wish more was done to the place to make it more lively, like bringing Portuguese artefacts found in Malindi and turning it into a museum. Entry […]

5 Simple Ways to Add Red into Your Closet

Red is a powerful colour that can give you a confidence boost. Here are 5 simple ways of adding it to your closet.

6 Lessons from 2022: Better Days Ahead

2022 was quite a year. I know I have not written for a while, but this blog is never far from my mind. I keep getting stuck in a rut because I want everything to be perfect. But I’ve let this go on for so long. So no matter how this post turns out, it’s going up. I can’t help but reminisce about last year, a lot happened, and a lot also didn’t but there are core lessons I learned that I would like to remind myself of and also share. I wrote this in December, but I’ve updated it. So, what did I truly learn last year? Fear is unreal Fear cripples our minds with nonexistent things. It’s worse when you have an overactive imagination. Because this is how you can imagine failing and ultimately manifest it into your reality. With digital age overload, we don’t know how to settle the constant chatter in our minds. It’s addictive. If fear is running rent-free in your head, it’s so easy to manifest it into action. In 2022, I noticed I spent more time making conclusions than acting. I spent more time worrying about things that ultimately did not turn into […]

A Simple Guide to Self-reflection

Self-reflection for perspective, growth and understanding

Reflections: A Year Living Alone

Reflections of a year worth of growth

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done .”

— Thomas Jefferson

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