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The best joints in Nairobi to treat yourself or your loved ones

A Simple Guide to Self-reflection

Self-reflection for perspective, growth and understanding

Reflections: A Year Living Alone

Reflections of a year worth of growth

Nicky Saw Colours and Prints streetstyle outfits

Daring to be Bold: Colour and Print

I have always loved colourful accessories (belts, bags, earrings etc) but recently, I have come to embrace more colour and print clothes. Fashion trends will let you believe that only black and white are classy and sophisticated but that’s not the case. You can wear any colour and still look good. Below are some ways I have been wearing colorful clothes. Although the outfits are more casual, all you need to do is work with what you have to achieve corporate appropriate look. Red I don’t own many red items in my closet so when I saw this oversized men’s shirt up for sale on @Kairetusapparel , I had to get it. I am not one to shop in the men’s section but this shirt is definitely a baby step in the right direction. I pair it with an off white harness belt to give it a bit of shape, grey thigh-high boots and my red bag to seal everything. Many people shy away from red but it is the ultimate power color. Look out for a post on how to ease into wearing red. Green Jungle and forest green was my first favourite colour. I have plenty of items […]

Vintage Vibes – Step in Style with Nkatha K

This month I feature Maureen Nkatha, a stylish young lady whose style is a dash of vintage and street style. Learn more about her style;

3 self-discipline books to read

3 Self-discipline books to read before the year ends

Finish the year strong! These 3 self-discipline books will help you supercharge the rest of 2021 and finish with a bang.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done .”

— Thomas Jefferson

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