6 Lessons from 2022: Better Days Ahead

February 21, 2023

2022 was quite a year. I know I have not written for a while, but this blog is never far from my mind. I keep getting stuck in a rut because I want everything to be perfect. But I’ve let this go on for so long. So no matter how this post turns out, it’s going up. I can’t help but reminisce about last year, a lot happened, and a lot also didn’t but there are core lessons I learned that I would like to remind myself of and also share. I wrote this in December, but I’ve updated it. So, what did I truly learn last year?

Fear is unreal

Fear cripples our minds with nonexistent things. It’s worse when you have an overactive imagination. Because this is how you can imagine failing and ultimately manifest it into your reality. With digital age overload, we don’t know how to settle the constant chatter in our minds. It’s addictive. If fear is running rent-free in your head, it’s so easy to manifest it into action. In 2022, I noticed I spent more time making conclusions than acting. I spent more time worrying about things that ultimately did not turn into anything I feared. This year, I am not letting fear grip me into confines. I no longer wish to spend my days imagining what isn’t. Instead, I want to actualize what could be. One lesson I have learned is that our minds create reality. I have created my reality this far but it’s time to extend it to what I know it should be.

Self-discipline is self-mastery

Not gonna lie, my self-discipline suffered last year. I stalled on so many things, including this blog. In hindsight, I realize where it all went wrong. I let the exception become the rule. Although I accomplished a lot, I should have done so much more. Nevertheless, the lesson from this is that self-discipline to do what you need to do whenever you need to do it will lead you to self-mastery. I swam in the depths of comfort last year and it left me miserable. This year, I want to be self-disciplined enough to set motion my ideas. I want to continue to seek uncertain waters and grow.

Perspective is everything

Last year, I was quick to label situations and people as bad. I was quick to anger and to get offended, but where did all that lead me? The people I labeled bad probably were out living their best lives ever as I was stuck on their badness. Situations can’t change, there’s no need of thinking endlessly about them. This year, I would rather see the other side of the coin. Yes, a situation caused me emotional distress, but why is that? what is the lesson I should learn about myself from that? I want to make my anger expensive. Better said than done, but I have become better at identifying when something/someone is causing me distress and shifting my focus to the lesson I should be learning.

Age is just a number

As I have grown older, one lesson I have learned is that unless you learn from your experiences, keep fit, and seek peace and happiness, you will grow old fast. Unless you put in the work to become a better human and have better experiences, you will keep adding the ages but mentally, you will be a toddler. We have so many old toddlers. We have the fountain and secret of youth, but we continue to choose terribly. Although I am lurking in the big 3, and society feels I should be declining, I find I have become better. Granted there’s still a lot to be done but there’s so much to be celebrated. Nevertheless, wherever you are today at this age doesn’t matter. You can flip the script literally overnight. It’s never too late.

Creation is the essence of life

I truly believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When you create, you connect to the energy of God and the universe. I find that when I write, paint, cook, and just make something out of nothing, I really feel fulfilled. That being said, last year I was rarely fulfilled. I am no longer willing to live an unfulfilled life, so whatever work I need to do, I will have to do.

Consistency is Key

I have to admit, over the years my consistency has suffered. Especially with this blog and achieving the goals of the life I envision for myself. I have realized much of my inner turmoil comes from seeing others achieve what I know I can easily achieve if only I could be consistent. So in 2023, my main goal is to be consistent with this blog, with my goals, and with the life I can smell from several miles away. So help me God.

I feel like 2023 is the year many of us will flip our scripts. This is our chance to go after the life we want. All it takes is taking the right turn and consistently showing up daily. We are already 50 days into the new year, so the time to take action is now!

I hope you have found inspiration in this piece! See you on the next one! Check out my goal-setting blog post which I constantly go back to.

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