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October 2020


Travel Destinations in Kenya to visit: 10 wanderlust places

One of the advantages of this pandemic has been an increase in domestic vacations. The strict borders between countries and across the world are driving citizens to explore their countries and realize hidden gems. Home to over 44 tribes, Kenya is simply breathtaking. Every…

October 23, 2020

Kikuletwa Hot Springs: Amazing Travel destination in Tanzania

Earlier this year, right before the pandemic hit Nairobi, I visited Kikuletwa Hot Springs (Chemka) in Moshi, Tanzania as part of a weekend trip from Nairobi to Moshi, Arusha and back. I’m happy to say it was an amazing experience and as far as…

October 16, 2020
Oceanside besides Fort Jesus Affordable things to do in Mombasa to do

Things to do in Mombasa: 6 affordable activities

Mombasa is always a good idea. Sunny days on sandy beaches, a tour in the historic scenes in Old Town Mombasa town, getting henna art painting while sipping a Dafu or an afternoon spent Kayaking at one of Mombasa’s marinas. The possibilities are endless.…

October 3, 2020