Types of jeans you would love in your closet

January 14, 2019

Denim or jeans? I just learned that denim is the fabric used to make jeans and accessories. Nothing screams casual like denim! I like to say denim is the king of casual. Most of us love jeans, men and women alike. However, most women tend to stick to skinnies. This post will talk about the type of jeans in my closet and how I pair them up. Let us look at types of jeans you will love to have in your closet;

Boyfriend jeans

These are jeans that snug on the waist with a loose crotch area and/or leg area. They pair well with fitted tops and even baggy shirts and are suitable for almost all body types. My all-time favourite. Probably because they are so comfortable. However, it depends on the fit (at least to me). Some people call the straight leg, boyfriend jeans. In my opinion, they only qualify as boyfriend jeans if they are generally slouchy and relaxed. I pair this pair with a vintage star wars tee and a fanny pack to create a grunge look.

Mum jeans

Mum jeans are high waisted slouchy jeans that mums frequently wore in the ’80s. They were considered unstylish then but they have quickly gained popularity for the comfort they provide. These are also my favourite pile! Although mine are kind of jogger jeans here, and they are cropped as well. There’s something about cropped jeans, but they aren’t for everyone.  Anyway, I like comfortable clothing, and these are pretty comfortable. I pair them with a black long-sleeved crop top and black boots.

Skinnies type of jeans

Skinnies are popular because of the way they fit a person’s form. They have narrow legs and a small leg opening at the bottom. Moreover, they are tight and emphasize a person’s shape. These are my favourite style of jeans but they’re definitely not at the top of the pile. They are tight, but they keep everything nice and even. Skinnies are essential in a girl’s wardrobe. I like my skinnies to be mid-rise and ankle-grazing. Here, I pair these Bershka skinnies with a wrap bodysuit which needs a couple of magic tricks to stay put.

High waist type of jeans

High waist jeans sit on a person’s waist. They are known as ‘high waist’ since women have naturally higher waists than men. This style is popular since it emphasizes a balanced silhouette for various body shapes including pear, apple, hourglass among others. A great jeans style, but I do not usually reach for these as often. Cos first, a good pair of high waist jeans rarely has front pockets and second, they are some kind of corset cos they are designed to make your waist look smaller. Of cos this is a good thing, but not always. Especially when you plan to eat. Here I wear mine with a white sweater and my lilac slip-ons.

Mid-rise type of jeans

Mid-rise jeans sit just below the navel. They are very flattering for people with long upper bodies as they balance out the body shape. Here I feature these soft jeans made from soft denim material. Another fave of mine. They are very comfortable and they also balance out my long upper body. However, the only downside of these is that they wear faster than other types of jeans. Here I pair mine with a tube top, some shiny slip-ons and a long cardigan.

Flared type of jeans

Flared jeans are also known as bell bottoms. They have fitted thighs with the flare beginning from the knee to the feet forming some sort of bell. For curvy body types look for a wide flare that covers your shoes. Conversely, for slim body types look for a slight flare. Previously I never wore these types of jeans but a gift from one of my best friends quickly changed that. Flared jeans are so versatile. They can be dressed up or down. Just beware that you will stand out but at least you will look the part. I pair this pair with a black crop top and a dress which I use as a kimono.

Straight leg jeans

These are jeans that have a straight leg cut. They may fit on the thighs but they are loose from the calf to the feet. They are a really chic type of jeans and can be paired with a variety of blouses. You might be confused by the name of these but this simply means the jeans fit your form without being tight. I like these cos they allow more leg room. These always look chic but you can wear them as I have with a basic cropped long sleeve top for a super-casual look.


This is a collab between leggings and jeans. They fit snuggly and don’t look too bad. Although I never understand the boring elastic band that comes at the waist of most of these style of jeans. Again, not my fave but they are a little more comfortable than real skinnies. Here, I pair my green jeggings with one of my favourite tops at the moment, a white pom-pom embellished top and my jungle green sneakers. This is a sporty or chill look, giving you a look at how jeggings really tone down your outfit.

I hope this post helps you to reach out for other types of jeans. Read how to find your style.

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