5 Signs you need to Start Meditation

July 23, 2020
Person sitting crosslegged in a medidation pose

Meditation is focusing on your mind by maintaining silence, by using music or chants for spiritual or relaxation purposes. Put simply, meditation is a mental exercise but some call it mental hygiene. Just as exercise and hygiene are essential for a healthy physical body, meditation is essential for a healthy mind. Meditating is not easy, you will have to consistently dedicate time to it to achieve guru status. At first, you will struggle, but by doing it consistently, you will gradually get better. I recently got into it and I can already witness its benefits although I’m nowhere near guru status. Let’s grow together, here are signs you need to start meditation.

1. You feel exhausted all the time

If you always feel tired even after a long night’s sleep, this is one of the signs that you need to start meditation. Meditation helps relax both the subconscious and conscious mind and release tension. Improving your sleep quality is a sure way of raising your energy levels. A study conducted to prove the value of meditation in treating insomnia showed that individuals who meditated fell asleep sooner and stayed asleep longer than those who did not.

2. You overthink or worry a lot – signs to start meditation

If you cannot get your mind off something or you are constantly worried, meditation is a surefire way to put you out of your misery. Several studies done have proved that meditation is effective in relieving stress especially in individuals with high levels of stress. Meditating brings the mind back to the present moment thus helping you to live in the moment.

3. You have a creative block

Experiencing writers’ or creative block? Try meditating. Different types of meditation will help you relax, improve focus, control anxiety and even enhance self-awareness. All these can help you be more open to original ideas and get your groove back.

4. You find it hard to focus – signs you need to start meditation

Find it hard to focus - sign you need to start meditation

We are constantly bombarded with new technologies, ideas and content that begs for our attention and it is quite easy to get distracted from achieving your goals and chasing your dreams. If you find it difficult to focus or are easily distracted, meditation will help you regain focus in your life.

5. You are addicted to something

Addiction affects most of us to some degree. Whether it is to food, alcohol, drugs or even bad habits, they can easily control our lives. It is easy to relapse to the impulse of addictions but when you meditate, you are able to detach from the cravings and take back control of your actions and life. Read how to manage your time effectively.

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    […] Meditate. I know you’re probably sick of seeing this everywhere but it is for a reason. Meditation is like exercise for the mind. Just as our bodies need exercising, our minds are no exception. Just like you had to learn how to ride a bike and write, you will have to learn how to meditate. Many people give up before they see actual progress, so make sure to stick to it long enough to see how it works for you. I usually do a 5 min or 10 min meditation on most mornings right before I journal and it helps me stay grounded for the rest of my day. Read 5 signs you need to start mediation. […]

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