Fierce and Bold Style – Step in Style with Adhiambo C

April 30, 2021

Step in Style is all about sharing and celebrating stylish people. People with impeccable style, those who have mastered the art of being themselves. I believe styling the most basic form of creation. The art of figuring out what you love, consistently embracing it and letting it evolve just as you do is nothing short of magic. Albert Einstein said, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’ and I have to agree. This month I feature Adhiambo Cathy. Whose bold and fierce style will leave you wanting more. Although I have not met her in person, I love how she dresses. Do not even get me started on her lingerie collection. Whew! Let me treat your eyes ladies and gentlemen;

Introduce yourself

I’m Catherine Adhiambo, 25yrs. I’m an interior designer and a digital content creator from Nairobi.

Who is your style inspiration?

Monroe steel from fashion steel NYC.

When did your interest in style develop?

My style interest developed back when I was young girl and would find myself advising my mom on what to wear with what or how to style what with what.

How would you describe your style?

My style is open minded.

What is your most memorable stylish moment?

Back in high school I made an outfit out of leso for the audition of the school miss and became second runners up.

Favourite outfit combo?

Jeans sneakers Tshirt and black blazer.

Favourite item to style?

Black blazer.

Advice to people trying to find their style

Be adventurous.

This or That

Blazer | Trench Coat? Blazer

All black | All white? All white

Gold | Silver? Gold

Stilettos | Block Heel? Block Heel

Glasses | Hats? Hats


3 pieces of clothing you would live in forever and why?

Black blazer, mom jeans, white shirt. Easy pieces to style.

Your current favourite outfit combo?

A monochromatic look.

What is the most expensive item in your closet?

A Louis Vuitton tote bag.

For more of Cathy’s fierce and bold style, check out her Instagram.

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